Davit Arms

Safe, rotating overhead rope access.

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Davit Arms Anchor Solution

Davit arms provide an economical, effective, and discrete anchor solution for isolated strips such as stairwells or where parapet protection is not suitable, allowing for work to be carried out safely.

Rotating Overhead Anchor

Our davit arm access solution features a fixed base and rotating head, allowing for abseil, rescue/evacuation and material handling tasks to be carried out with full protection. The system can also be provided with a series of sockets to allow it to be moved to different positions for safe, flexible working.

The Harcon roof davit solution ensures easy rigging and ascent/descent, minimising the risk of injury or fall, and also prevents ropes from dragging over the building edge.

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Easy To Hide

When the system is not being used, the head can simply be rotated inboard, making it invisible from the ground. The system can also be supplied with recovery winches and powered retrieval systems to ensure maximum safety.

All our davit arms are fully tested and compliant with all relevant legislation, guaranteeing peace of mind.

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Why Davit Arms?

Multiple Uses

Davit arms can be used as harness anchorage devices, lifting devices, or even rope access aids

Can Be Retrofitted

Retrofit to existing structures and use with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use on tanks, silos or near exposed edges.

Expert Custom Design

Our experts can design your system to suit almost any building.

A few examples of how Davit Arms can be used

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