Kee Klamp Handrails

Modular, durable handrails for ground level


Kee Klamp® safety barriers and guardrails

Modular hand railing is a fantastic solution for ground-level barriers, and Kee Klamp modular fittings have been the gold standard for over 80 years. These versatile fittings can be used to construct durable, effective barriers and railings for a range of industries and locations.

Separating people from hazards on the ground

Kee Klamp barriers prevent pedestrians and others from accessing hazardous areas, such as in warehouses or factories, in a flexible and adaptable way.

The modular nature of these handrails means they are quick and easy to install with no hot works or welding required. Simply combine standard tube with the Kee Klamp tubular fittings using hexagon socket screws. No fabrication required. If a section of rail is damaged, it can be quickly and easily swapped out without needing to replace whole runs.

We can build systems based on your specifications to ensure they are effective, no matter the challenge.

Kee Klamp fittings provide durable railings for exposed areas
Kee Klamp handrails for slopes, stairs and inclines

A powerful handrail solution

Kee Klamp fittings are the ideal solution for sturdy, durable handrails in almost any scenario and configuration. The rapid, no-welding install design makes them ideal for busy areas, minimising downtime and maximising the safety of pedestrians.

Systems can be colour-coated for branding or aesthetic concerns, and the galvanised nature of the fittings and tube mean they can last for decades, even in the harshest environments.

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Why Use Kee Klamp® for Ground Based Barriers?

Easy Install

No welding or fabrication required, overcoming the need for hot work permits. Fittings are locked to the tube with a Hexagon key.


Barrier systems can last for decades even in the harshest environments. Hot-dip galvanised fittings are compliant to BS EN ISO 1461 and TUV approved.

Low Cost, Super Effective

Easy installation saves on initial costs with long-term durability maximising cost-effectiveness and safety.

60 Second Overview of Kee Klamp® safety barriers

A few examples of Kee Klamp® safety barriers

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