Kee Mark®

Exterior and interior freestanding demarcation.

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Kee Mark® Freestanding Demarcation

When you need to separate people from hazards – whether keeping passersby away from ongoing works, or alerting workers on roofs to leading edges – there are few more effective and economical solutions than demarcation. Kee Marc is a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution for demarcating areas containing hazards, keeping people safe and meeting all legislative requirements.

Low-cost, highly effective

Kee Mark demarcation is a truly effective, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for separating people from hazards.

As well as providing comprehensive demarcation on the ground or in industrial environments, Kee Mark can be used in conjunction with our Kee Guard roof railings for a roof edge protection solution that doesn’t break the bank (up to 2m from the roof’s edge.)

Kee Mark is clear and obvious, minimising the risk of people wandering into places they shouldn’t. It is also compact, portable, and easy to assemble rapidly, consisting of a two-colour polyurethane or steel chain linked between unique, no-shift posts, ideal for use even in adverse weather.

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Flexible and versatile

Kee Mark can be used in a wide range of situations, including:

  • On rooftops to indicate the roof edge (up to 2m)
  • Around plant and equipment
  • Around ground-level work
  • At trade shows for queue management or blocking off areas

Why Kee Mark for demarcation?


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, installed to suit specific site requirements.


Kee Mark can be installed quickly without specialist tools. The freestanding system means no surface drilling is needed.


The system's two-colour chains are highly visible, with single or double chain options available.

A few examples of how Kee Mark can be used

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