Kee Track®

An effective rigid overhead track safety system.

Kee Track® Rigid Rail Overhead Fall Protection System

In the UK, falls from height continue to be the leading cause of fatal and serious injuries at work. The responsibility of preventing falls rests with site owners and managers, who must ensure that those accessing the site are trained and competent, but often falls are caused simply by inadequate safety equipment.

Keeping this in mind, Kee Safety developed the Kee Track Fall Protection System, a unique overhead rigid rail track system designed to prevent falls with ease while combining the flexibility and economy of a modular solution. This system is installed by Harcon Fall Protection & Safety Services.

Kee Track Fall Protection System addresses a critical need in workplace safety, offering a comprehensive solution to mitigate the risk of falls from height. Integrating a rigid rail track system overhead, provides a reliable means of restraint or fall arrest, ensuring workers can operate at elevated levels with enhanced security. This innovative approach not only prioritizes safety but also considers the practicality and cost-effectiveness demanded by modern work environments.

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Kee Track® why is it better?

Benefits Choosing Kee Track®?

It’s no secret that there are several track systems out there, but Kee Track offers distinct advantages that make it the smart choice.

Easy to Install – Kee Track is easy to install using standard tools and lifting devices. No welding equipment is needed. In most cases, the system can be up and running in a day, meaning a minimum of downtime and disruption to productivity.

Better flexibility – Many overhead safety systems cost a lot or don’t offer much flexibility. They’re limited by overhead plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems. Contrary to engineered systems, Kee Track attaches to the existing roof purlins & secondary steel making it a flexible solution for everyone.

Installation that is future-proof – There is always change. When your workplace needs to be rearranged, Kee Track can accommodate your needs. The modular design can be moved and reconfigured, unlike engineered systems.

Extensively tested – The peace of mind that comes with safety is incomparable. As with all Kee Safety products, Kee Track was designed in consultation with experts who have decades of experience in fall protection. Kee Track has been extensively tested to the following recognised standards overseen by global safety committees:

  • EN 795: 2012 / CEN TS 16415:2013
  • BS 8610:2017
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.140 & 1926.502

Knowing that our fall protection systems have been assessed to meet high health and safety requirements gives our customers the assurance that when they work with Kee Safety, they are working with a company that is leading the way.

KeeTrack_Sales_Brochure_160321-Harcon Fall Protection & Safety Services Manchester North West

KeeTrack_Sales_Brochure_160321-Harcon Fall Protection & Safety Services Manchester North West

Does Kee Track Fit Your Industry?

It’s hard to find enough floor space. Besides offering excellent overhead fall protection, Kee Track’s lowprofile roof mounted rails keep an open floor plan for production, storage, and material handling. The system works for warehouses and facilities with standard and high roofs. You don’t need column supports and it works around most roof structures.

Keeping your most valuable assets safe – A track system should be used whenever the distance required to stop a fall is small. Short fall distance isn’t just critical to protect individuals, but also the equipment being worked on. Falls on things like aircraft wings or delicate manufacturing equipment can be expensive to repair.





Repair Facilities


Facade Maintenance

Kee Track® Can Take Care of All Roof Types

One of the main advantages of Kee Track is the unique range of mounting options. The system can be made secure to internal roof structures such as beams, trusses, and concrete. Where necessary, bespoke connectors can be supplied.

For primary and secondary steelwork: Kee Track works with the columns, rafters and bracing of primary steelwork, and the purlins of secondary steelwork.

Parallel or perpendicularly: Up and down or side to side? Or both? Whichever way you organise your facility, it’s flexible mounting options ensure your fall protection system is optimised to work the way you do.


1. What sets Kee Track® apart from other fall protection systems, including traditional fall arrest systems?

Kee Track® distinguishes itself with a rigid rail design that offers a more reliable fall arrest solution compared to conventional fall arrest systems. This innovative system significantly reduces fall distances, making it a crucial asset for enhancing worker safety in compliance with health and safety regulations. Its modular nature facilitates straightforward installation, minimising downtime and maximising safety on site.

2. How does Kee Track® serve as both a fall arrest system and comply with health and safety regulations?

As a top-tier fall arrest system, Kee Track® is rigorously tested and meets international safety standards, including EN 795: 2012, CEN TS 16415:2013, BS 8610:2017, and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.140 & 1926.502. These certifications ensure Kee Track® provides a safe and reliable solution, affirming its role as a leading fall arrest system that aligns with stringent health and safety regulations.

3. Why is Kee Track® considered an effective fall arrest and fall protection solution?

Kee Track® is engineered to offer superior fall protection by minimising the free fall distance and the risk of swing falls, which is essential for any effective fall arrest equipment. This system ensures a higher safety factor for workers at height, aligning with active fall protection systems’ requirements and safeguarding against serious injury, making it an invaluable piece of fall arrest equipment in the safety arsenal.

4. How does the fall arrest equipment provided by Kee Track® enhance workplace safety?

Kee Track®’s integration into the workplace as a primary piece of fall arrest equipment offers unparalleled benefits, including its compliance with safety regulations and adaptability to meet diverse fall protection needs. Its robust design not only enhances the safety of workers by serving as a critical fall arrest system but also supports their mobility and productivity, making it a superior choice for fall arrest equipment.

5. In what ways is Kee Track® a flexible and comprehensive fall protection solution, especially as a fall arrest system?

Kee Track®’s modular system can be customised to fit the unique needs of various industries, from aviation to manufacturing. It supports a wide range of fall protection and fall arrest equipment, ensuring workers have the freedom to move safely at height while being comprehensively protected against fall hazards by a state-of-the-art fall arrest system.

5 Key Features of Kee Track® for Enhanced Workplace Safety

  1. Rigorous Safety Standards Compliance: As a premier fall arrest system, Kee Track® adheres to international safety standards, ensuring your workplace meets and exceeds health and safety regulations.
  2. Minimised Fall Distances: The system’s design is centred on reducing the distance a worker could fall, thereby diminishing the chance of serious injury, a key feature of effective fall arrest equipment.
  3. Modular and Versatile: Its modular design means Kee Track® can be easily adapted and expanded, demonstrating the flexibility required of modern fall arrest systems.
  4. Ease of Installation: Known for its straightforward installation process, Kee Track® minimises operational downtime, a benefit that sets it apart from other fall arrest equipment in the market.
  5. Enhanced Worker Protection: By minimising free fall distances and eliminating swing falls, Kee Track® provides superior fall arrest capabilities, ensuring a safer environment for workers at height.

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