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Safe access to roof working areas

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Kee Walk® Roof Walkway

Modern rooftops feature a range of potential hazards including fragile panels, trip hazards, and sudden changes in level. Having a safe, demarcated route for workers carrying out maintenance is essential for protecting both the workers and the roof itself.

Kee Walk is an effective, anti-slip roof walkway solution, designed to provide safe access when working on roofs, directing users away from hazards and protecting the roof from foot traffic.

Modular and flexible roof walkway

Designed for use on almost any type of roof, including standing seam, composite, membrane, metal, and trapezoidal, the modular step and traverse sections ensure workers follow a safe, demarcated route.

The Kee Walk system can cope with slopes of up to 35 degrees – more when combined with the Kee Step Stepover system – and can be installed freestanding or fixed to the structure, with the open tread design ensuring water does not pool.



Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway Safety System
Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway Safety System

Customised and bespoke

All systems are designed to suit your particular roof layout, with the modular nature of Kee Walk making it an ideal solution for awkward spaces.

The walkway can also be supplied with safety handrails, which can be easily fitted to one or both sides of the tread. When combined with Kee modular hand railing, the walkway can then be used as a collective fall protection solution, allowing access with no need for extra training or equipment.


Modular and comprehensive

Kee Walk can be combined with lifelines, such as the Kee Line system, or with the Kee Guard roof guardrail system for a comprehensive and integrated safety solution.

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Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway Safety System

What are Kee Walk's benefits?


Modular nature means the system can be designed to your roof’s layout from 0 to up 35°.

Comprehensive Protection

Can be integrated with guardrail or lifeline systems for the ultimate safety solution.

Fully Compliant

Designed and tested to all current industry standards including EN 516 and EN 14122.

60 Second Overview of Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway

A few examples of how Kee Walk can be used

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Kee Walk Roof Safety System FAQs


  1. What is a roof safety system and how does it enhance worker safety? A roof safety system, like Kee Walk®, provides a secure and anti-slip pathway for personnel working on rooftops. It is specifically designed to mitigate fall hazards by offering a clear, demarcated route that protects users from roof edges and other dangers.
  2. How does fall protection differ from fall arrest systems in roof safety? Fall protection systems, such as guardrails or safety barriers, prevent falls from occurring by providing edge protection and safe access routes. Fall arrest systems, including harnesses and lanyards, are designed to safely stop a fall in progress, minimising injury risks.
  3. Can Kee Walk® roof safety systems be installed on all types of roofs? Yes, Kee Walk® systems are versatile and can be installed on various roof types, from flat to sloping roofs. They offer modular configurations that adapt to different roof levels and are suitable for both industrial buildings and smaller structures.
  4. What are the key components of a Kee Walk® fall protection system? The key components include anti-slip walkways, guardrail systems for edge protection, and optionally integrated fall arrest points. These elements work together to provide comprehensive fall prevention and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  5. How often should roof safety systems be inspected and maintained? Roof safety systems should undergo regular inspections at least once a year or according to the specific requirements of the building code and safety standards applicable to your location. Regular maintenance ensures the system’s effectiveness and longevity.
  6. Can Kee Walk® systems accommodate installations around roof-mounted equipment like air conditioning units? Absolutely. Kee Walk® systems are specifically designed to offer safe access around roof-mounted obstacles such as air conditioning units, providing workers with secure pathways and protecting equipment during regular roof access for maintenance.

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