Lightning Testing & Certification

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Lightning Testing & Certification

Our  Lightning Testing & Certification service gives you the peace of mind that your building or structure is safe from the effects of a direct lightning strike.

Our qualified engineers use the latest methods to test the resistance of your existing lightning protection system by sending small pulses through the system and then reading the dissipation. In this way we are able to simulate how the current of a lightning strike would flow.

A reading of 10 Ohms or more is generally considered to be a high resistance reading but there are many variables we take into consideration such as the number of earth points.

Following our comprehensive inspection, you will receive a test report outlining our findings and, if necessary, any recommendations to ensure you are protected from a lightning strike.


Our inspection includes:

  • A visual inspection of materials used to conduct current (such as the conductive tape used in down conductors) to ensure they are of adequate condition
  • A visual inspection of plant (such as air conditioning units) to ensure they are correctly bonded into the lightning protection system
  • Providing the appropriate test facilities are available, we will measure the resistance of (groups of) structures from the point of strike to earth. If pile foundations have been utilised by the structures then we will test the whole system
  • Certificate of Inspection outlining our findings and resistance readings
  • If applicable, we will also send recommendations to bring the system into line with the British Standards BS EN 62305 2012 protection against lightning

Tests should be repeated at fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is certification required for lightning protection?

Lightning protection systems should be designed and installed according to recognized safety standards using a third-party inspection authority such as the Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program.

  • What is the recommended frequency of servicing lightning protection?

According to regulations, lightning protection systems should be inspected every 12 months. However, for comprehensive accuracy, they must be tested in all weather conditions, which is why 11-month inspections are recommended.

  • Is it possible for an electrician to test lightning protection?

No, It is essential that a qualified electrical engineer performs the lightning protection inspection procedure to ensure it is thorough, safe, and valid.

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