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Portable deadweight anchor range

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Kee Anchor® Mobile Man Anchor System

Kee Anchor is an effective mobile anchor fall prevention solution, also known as a deadweight anchor, designed to be combined with PPE to allow for safe raised working where collective systems aren’t feasible.

Safe personal protection at height

Deadweight anchor systems can be used on roofs or raised areas that are not or cannot be protected by collective solutions such as guardrails. Kee Anchor is a non-penetrative, modular mobile anchor solution that can be integrated with a range of accessories to suit almost any work at height requirement.

These accessories include Weightanka, Wireanka, and Accessanka, with each product ensuring safe working without collective protection.

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Simple, modular installation

As with all Kee products, Kee Anchors use a modular design that allows for safe, simple, and rapid installation when needed. The system is easy to manoeuvre with just two operatives, who can carry the system piece by piece and assemble it on the rooftop.

The standard Kee Anchor system weighs 250kg when assembled, ensuring reliable fall protection, but no single component weighs more than 25kg. This guarantees full protection with a far smaller burden on workers themselves.

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Why Use the Kee Anchor® range of Mobile Man Anchors?

Easy Install

No welding, bending, or threading and no need to pierce the roof surface.

Easy Transport

The modular, component-based system means a far lower physical impact on workers.

Fully Compliant

Designed, installed, tested and certified to relevant legislation, including EN795 and BS7883.

Options to Suit Your Roof

60 Second Overview of Kee Anchor

A few examples of how Kee Anchor can be used

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