Pallet Gates

Gates For Mezzanine Edge and Raised Working Areas

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Pallet Gates for Raised Working Areas

Loading bays and mezzanines present a problem when it comes to ensuring full edge protection. They are raised, meaning guardrails are vital, but access is still needed to load and unload pallets and other items via forklift. Leaving the edge unprotected is a recipe for serious injury and perhaps even death.

Kee Gate aims to overcome this with its pallet edition, providing full edge protection without restricting loading access via a fixed point opening and closing design.

Full protection, full access

The Pallet Gate’s fixed point opening design allows it to be manually rotated to either an open or closed position with one side always firmly down, ensuring voids are not left open. To load or unload a pallet, the gate can simply be opened on one side to allow the pallet to be loaded, then opened the other side for unloading.

The gate is lightweight, meaning it can be safely operated manually by a single user. The unique design of the pallet gate ensures full edge protection at all times.

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Adjustable and durable

The modular nature of the Pallet Gate means there is no need for welding and hot works. It can be retrofitted to existing guardrail systems or combined with Kee Guard edge protection railings for full coverage. If the gate is damaged during loading, the affected component can be swapped out quickly and easily, minimising downtime.

The gate is fully adjustable and suitable for voids of up to 1.8m, with a recommended height of 1.1m.

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Why Use Pallet Gates?


Potential configurations for virtually any mezzanine floor or raised working surface.


Rapid and easy assembly. Adjustable to widths of up to 1.8m wide.


Cycle tested for 50,000 openings and salt spray tested for 672 hours to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

60 Second Overview of Pallet Gates

A few examples of how Pallet Gate can be used

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