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Safety Equipment Recertification

Site managers and business owners have a legal obligation to ensure safety equipment is inspected and recertified at least annually under the Safety, Health and Welfare Act at Work Regulation 2007 Part 4: Work at Height.

Is recertification your responsibility?

The Work at Height Regulations apply wherever there is a risk of fall which could cause injury to workers. It extends beyond roofs and even to low-level work. It also applies to both employers and the self-employed.

If the Regulations apply to you, then you are legally required to ensure your equipment is inspected at least annually. At Harcon, our expert engineers provide a full range of equipment inspection and recertification services to help you meet your obligations.

Why equipment needs inspecting

No matter the quality of the equipment or system, regular usage will cause deterioration and general wear and tear, which in turn can cause failure and jeopardise users. Inspection and recertification is a crucial part of determining whether equipment is safe to use or not.

If an accident occurs and it is found that your equipment was not properly inspected and recertified when needed, you could find yourself in legal trouble.

Equipment should be fully inspected by a competent third party. Our engineers are fully-trained and highly experienced in inspecting and recertifiying equipment and systems, and can ensure the system is safe to use and provide you with all relevant documentation.

Recertification Timeline

Examples of what needs to be inspected, and when

System/EquipmentInspection Regime

Fall arrest cable system

BMUs and Suspended access equipmentAnnually
(Load testing)
Abseiling equipmentEvery 6 months
Personal Fall Prevention Equipment (PFPE)Every 6 months
(Inspected & recertified))
Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)Every 6 months
(Visual inspection)

Why Harcon for your recertification & maintenance?

Our recertification service covers:

  • All types of fall arrest systems including roof cables
  • Safe access equipment including step-overs, platforms and walkways
  • Collective protection systems such as rooftop guardrails
  • Testing and recertification of eyebolts and portable anchors
  • Suspended access equipment
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Pull tests on abseiling tracks
  • Testing of lightning protection equipment
  • BMU electrical inspection


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