Rescue Training

Rescue Training

Rescue Training is something that we all hope will never have to put into practice in a real life situation. However, with over 100,000 reported falls a year it is highly likely that someone working for you will fall, and therefore that one of his colleagues will be required to perform a rescue.

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About The Course

The Rescue Training Courses require that those that attend will have an understanding of the safety procedures required and the equipment used when working at height.

If your personnel have not received Working at Height Training we advise that you either have your workers attend a separate Working at Height course or select the Combined Working at Height and Rescue course. This course will cover a general approach to working at height followed by practical training.

The Rescue Training Courses will cover legislation, regulation and guidelines, and then provide a detailed session of practical training, with rescue scenarios performed by each and every delegate. Practice makes perfect so we ensure that each delegate has enough sessions to ensure they are proficient in the use of the equipment and the required procedures to ensure that safe practice is maintained.

Rescue training is heavily dependent on know how to use the right equipment. Therefore Harcon Training will only offer Rescue Training and Certification for the equipment the delegates carry, and if a kit is not currently in use then we shall recommend and provide training on an equipment selection based on your working environment needs.

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