Freestanding Roof Edge Protection

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KeeGuard® Rooftop Guardrail Systems

The hierarchy of controls states that when implementing safety solutions on a roof or raised area, collective protection like guardrails must be prioritised over personal protection such as lifelines and anchors.

KeeGuard roof edge protection is a comprehensive, effective solution for protecting anyone accessing your roof, without the need for specialist training, equipment, or rescue procedures.

Modular, effective roof guardrail solution

KeeGuard is unique thanks to its modular, non-penetrative design. Made from galvanised Kee fittings, systems can be bespoke designed for almost any roof configuration, overcoming complex obstacles while negating the need for costly welding or hot works.

The system’s counter-balance weight design also removes the need to penetrate the roof surface itself, making it effective on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane roofs and more. Being non-penetrative also makes it an ideal temporary solution when roof works are being carried out, without reducing its effectiveness as a permanent solution.

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Temporary Edge Protecvtion
KeeGuard Rooftop Guardrail

No compromise roof edge protection with roof safety barriers

KeeGuard has been designed from the ground up to be an effective guardrail solution, no matter the roof. The durable Kee fittings used in its construction are non-corrosive and guarantee decades of powerful edge protection, making KeeGuard an ideal investment in even the harshest climates.

We also provide several other KeeGuard variants for almost any requirement, including KeeGuard Topfix for metal profile roofs, KeeGuard Premium for roofs with little room to manoeuvre, and KeeGuard Foldshield for when aesthetics are a primary concern. All system variants are available colour-coated to match any building style.

KeeGuard is the only rooftop edge protection system you will need.

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Standards for safety

  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • EN 13374 Class A
  • BS 13700 : 2021
  • HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work
  • HSE INDG 284 “Working on roofs”
  • BS 6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code
  • AS 1657 : 2018
  • Wind loading in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.2
KeeGuard rooftop railings

Modern technology & cutting edge solutions

HARCON provides safe access solutions for small and large roofs on the basis of BS13700:2021 Permanent Counterweighted Guardrail.

As the only Guardrail System conforming to BS 13700:2021 in North West Manchester and beyond, ours provides comprehensive protection for the entire roof.

We are a Kee Safety company, which has access to cutting-edge, innovative Wind Speed Calculator technology. As a result, Harcon can offer you engineering and recertification services unlike any other company in the North West and Manchester.

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Why Use KeeGuard® Edge Protection Handrail?


Protection for almost any shape and size of roof.

Free Standing

KeeGuard is non-penetrating, overcoming the risk of costly leaks and maintaining roof integrity.

Full Compliance

Tested to relevant industry standards including EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122, EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399: Part 2.

Options to Suit Your Roof

60 Second Overview of KeeGuard® Rooftop Railing

A few examples of how KeeGuard can be used

Looking for another safety solution?

We can help with all of your rooftop safety and safe access needs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of roofs are compatible with the KeeGuard® roof edge protection system? The KeeGuard® system is versatile and can be installed on flat roofs, standing seam roofs, and various roof membranes. This modular system ensures effective fall protection without compromising the roof surface.

2. How does the KeeGuard® freestanding guardrail system work? The KeeGuard® system uses a proven counterbalance system with modular components, providing stability and compliance without the need for roof penetration. This design preserves the integrity of the roof covering.

3. Does the KeeGuard® system meet safety standards? Yes, KeeGuard® systems comply with multiple safety standards, including BS 13700:2021 and BS EN ISO 1461. These standards ensure the system provides reliable edge protection.

4. What maintenance is required for the KeeGuard® roof edge protection system? Annual inspections are recommended to ensure the system remains effective and compliant. Building owners should carry out regular checks, especially after severe weather, to maintain safety and prevent falls.

5. Can the KeeGuard® system be installed without special tools or expertise? Yes, the system is designed for easy installation. It is delivered in a kit form ready for assembly, requiring no special tools or welding. This allows for quick setup and minimal disruption to building operations.

6. Are there options for different exposure levels or aesthetic needs? KeeGuard® offers a range of configurations, including KeeGuard Topfix for metal profiles and KeeGuard Foldshield for a foldable, less obtrusive look. These options provide flexibility to meet various building requirements and exposure levels.

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