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Skylight protection for safe roof maintenance

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Kee Cover® exposed roof light protection

20% of all fatal falls through fragile roofs are due to skylights and rooflights, according to the HSE, making them one of the most dangerous aspects of working at height. Building owners and managers continue to be hesitant about covering these lights and blocking natural light, putting workers at risk.

Kee Cover is a comprehensive skylight protection system designed to protect those working on your roof from potentially fatal falls, without blocking out natural light thanks to its strong mesh design.

Skylight protection

The Kee Cover is a robust modular system designed to prevent falls through skylights and roof lights. Unlike its sister system, Kee Dome, Kee Cover doesn’t block access to roof lights, instead protecting the glass or material beneath from trips and falling through the light with a strong mesh panel mounted onto a modular metal frame.

Ideal for standing seam or trapezoidal roof, Kee Cover is available in either a raised or flush format, ideal for covering roof lights or other fragile panels up to 1m. The modular nature of the system means panels can be easily integrated for larger spans.


Kee Cover protecting scotland's fragile roof lights and skylights
Robust Kee Cover for roof light and skylight protection

Lightweight and durable

The Kee Cover skylight protection system is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, meaning it can be assembled rapidly on-site, minimising downtime.

Constructed from Kee galvanised fittings, Kee Cover remains effective for many years, even in the harshest of climates, ensuring peace of mind for you and your workers.

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Why Kee Cover?

Extensively Tested

Fully tested to ACR Red Book standards, including Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies, and 1200 Joule test carried out to BS EN 1873.


Made from durable Kee fittings, Kee Cover can be easily transported to the roof surface, installed and maintained.

Doesn't Block Light

Covers unprotected roof lights without blocking natural light inside.

Options to Suit Your Roof

60 Second Overview of Kee Cover

A few examples of Kee Cover

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