Vertical Lifeline Solutions

A more effective alternative to ladder cages.

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Vertical fall arrest systems

Often, ladder safety is reliant on cages and hoops. Although these provide a basic level of protection, they are often not sufficient to protect against serious injury or worse. Vertical Lifeline Systems, meanwhile, are a far superior option, providing a more reliable and comfortable safety solution for workers accessing ladders.

Vertical Lifelines are ideal for:

  • Fixed ladders
  • Wind turbines
  • Telecom masts
  • Industrial plants etc.

Cabloc vertical lifeline solution

Cabloc is one of the best and most effective vertical lifeline solutions, and can be fixed either directly to the structure or an existing ladder, or provided with one of our bespoke ladder solutions.

Specially designed to suit vertical and inclined ladder access requirements, Cabloc features a termination anchor and energy absorber at the top of the ladder and an anchor at the bottom incorporating a tension unit.

Cabloc also uses a durable stainless steel cable, which passes through intermediate cable supports at regular intervals. These by-passable intermediates offer an aesthetic system combined with a high level of safety and cost-effective installation, both indoors and outdoors.

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APS Pivotloc Ladder

A few examples of how vertical fall arrest systems can be used

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