Fall Protection Enhancement: Kee Line System for Warehouse Safety in Staines

Kee Line Fall Protection System

A prominent development company operating in the Staines partnered with Harcon Fall Protection and Safety Services to bolster safety measures for a new warehouse construction project. With a history of prioritizing safety, the development company aimed to collaborate on implementing advanced fall protection solutions that would align with the highest industry standards.

Project Background:

The project centered around a new warehouse construction commissioned by the development company. Their commitment to safety was underscored by its proactive approach to collaborating with Harcon Fall Protection and Safety Services. The primary goal was to introduce cutting-edge fall protection measures that would not only ensure worker safety but also optimize the installation process.

Product Selection: Kee Line Fall Protection System

After a thorough assessment, the choice fell on the Kee Line Fall Protection System as the ideal solution for the project’s safety requirements. Recognized for its adherence to EN 795 and other pertinent safety regulations, the Kee Line system proved to be the perfect fit. Its innovative design, aimed at reducing the number of posts required, played a crucial role in minimizing roof penetrations and safeguarding the roofing structure’s integrity.

Fall Protection Benefits Realised:

The implementation of the Kee Line Fall Protection System brought forth a range of benefits that reverberated throughout the project’s lifecycle:

Regulatory Compliance: By aligning with EN 795 and other relevant standards, the Kee Line system ensured strict compliance with safety regulations, instilling confidence among stakeholders.

Disruption Minimization: The system’s innovative design, necessitating fewer posts, significantly reduced disruptions to the roofing structure during installation. This approach not only upheld the structural stability but also expedited the installation process.

Continuous Safety: The Kee Line system’s unique feature of maintaining a constant connection between workers and the safety system ensured an uninterrupted safety tether, substantially lowering the risk of falls.

Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness: The streamlined installation process resulted in notable time and cost savings, optimizing the allocation of project resources.

Corrosion Resistance: The Kee Line system’s long-term resistance to corrosion guaranteed its longevity, reinforcing ongoing safety measures.

Force Distribution: In the unfortunate event of a fall, the Kee Line system’s design ensured that the force applied to the building or structure remained under 10kN, exemplifying the commitment to minimizing impact.

Few post-installation photographs of Kee Line Fall Protection System

Warehouse Project in Staines_Fall Protection_Harcon Warehouse Project in Staines_Fall Protection_Harcon Warehouse Project in Staines_Fall Protection_Harcon


The collaboration between the development company and Harcon Fall Protection and Safety Services culminated in the successful integration of the Kee Line Fall Protection System at the Staines warehouse project.

This decision not only upheld stringent safety regulations but also underscored the dedication to prioritizing worker safety and preserving the structural soundness of the facility. This case study serves as a testament to the positive outcomes attainable through expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safety in construction.

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