Is An Overhead Fall Arrest System Easy to Install?

If installing an Overhead Fall Arrest System conjures nightmares of long lead times, days of training and the cost of fancy single-use tools. Take a breath. Let’s meet Kee Track.

The installation of an overhead fall arrest system traditionally presents a formidable challenge, both in terms of time and cost implications for businesses.

Chief among these challenges are the complexities associated with installing rigid rail systems, which often necessitate a significant allocation of resources, including specialised labour and extensive down-time, that many organisations find difficult to justify.

However, the evolution of fall arrest systems, epitomised by the advent of Kee Track’s modular system, marks a significant milestone in mitigating these constraints.

This innovative solution, designed with you in mind, not only simplifies the installation process but also dramatically reduces the associated costs and time required.

In this blog we will explore these aspects in detail, addressing the concerns of our ideal customers who are in pursuit of efficient, cost-effective safety solutions that do not compromise on quality.

rigid rail system for overhead fall arrest

The Challenge of Fall Protection Installation

An overhead fall arrest system must meet stringent safety standards and regulations, which can vary by industry and region.

Installation is often compounded by the specific architectural features of a building, such as overhead plumbing, electrical wiring, and ventilation systems. Traditional engineered systems typically require specialised tools and equipment for installation, further increasing the complexity and cost.

The cost associated with installing equipment for working at heights are considerable, highlighting the critical importance of selecting efficient and cost-effective systems.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height remain one of the most common causes of fatality and serious injury in the workplace, accounting for 29% of fatal injuries to workers in the 2019/2020 period.

The financial repercussions of these incidents are equally significant. The HSE’s estimates suggest that the annual cost of injuries from falls from height to employers, the NHS, and other healthcare services ranges in the hundreds of millions, underscoring the economic impact on the UK’s economy.

This scenario underscores the need for solutions like the Kee Track modular system, which offers both safety assurance and financial efficiency.

exceptional overhead fall protection

The Kee Track Difference

Kee Track is designed with ease of installation, flexibility, and future-proofing in mind, addressing many of the common pain points associated with an overhead fall arrest system.

At its core, Kee Track uses modular components that snap together with ease, eliminating the need for special tools or extensive training.

This not only accelerates the setup process but also significantly reduces installation costs.

Designed to be adaptable, it can be easily integrated into existing structures or designed into new constructions without requiring structural modifications.

This adaptability ensures Kee Track can meet the specific needs of various industries, from manufacturing and warehousing to construction and beyond, offering a flexible solution that prioritises safety without compromising efficiency.

Kee Track’s modularity also means that it can be quickly reconfigured or expanded to suit changing needs, offering an investment in safety that evolves with your business. This forward-thinking approach positions Kee Track not just as a product, but as a long-term safety solution that can adapt to the dynamic challenges faced by industries today.

overhead fall arrest system

3 Benefits of Kee Track

Easy to Install

Kee Track can be installed using standard tools and lifting devices, eliminating the need for welding equipment or specialised machinery.

In many cases, the system can be fully operational within a day, significantly reducing downtime and minimising disruption to ongoing productivity. This ease of installation makes Kee Track an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance workplace safety without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Flexibility

Unlike many overhead safety systems, which are limited by existing structural elements and lack adaptability, Kee Track offers unparalleled flexibility. It attaches directly to existing roof purlins and secondary steel structures, making it a versatile solution that can be tailored to a wide range of industrial environments.

This flexibility is particularly beneficial in settings where overhead obstacles present unique challenges, allowing Kee Track to provide safe access without compromising on efficacy.

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Future-Proof Installation

The workplace is dynamic, and needs can change rapidly. One of the key advantages of Kee Track is its modular design, which allows for the system to be easily moved and reconfigured as workplace layouts evolve.

Unlike traditional engineered systems, which are often fixed in place and challenging to modify, Kee Track can adapt to your changing needs, ensuring that your investment in workplace safety continues to deliver value over time.

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Considering Installation Challenges

While Kee Track significantly simplifies the installation process, it’s important to acknowledge that challenges can still arise, particularly in environments with high specifications and stringent regulations for working at height.

The diversity of industries and building structures means that every installation scenario can present unique obstacles. Kee Track’s design aims to mitigate these challenges, offering a solution that balances safety, flexibility, and ease of use.

rigid rail system is more than just a safety measure

Overhead Fall Arrest Systems You Can Trust

For construction workers, safety managers, and industrial engineers seeking a reliable and efficient overhead fall arrest system, Kee Track offers a compelling solution.

By focusing on ease of installation, enhanced flexibility, and future-proofing, Kee Track addresses many of the traditional barriers to implementing an effective fall arrest strategy.

Ensuring the safety of workers operating at height should never come at the expense of productivity. With Kee Track, businesses can achieve both, creating safer workplaces without unnecessary downtime or disruption.

If you’re considering an overhead fall arrest system and are looking for a solution that combines safety, ease of installation, and flexibility, contact us to learn more about how Kee Track can meet your needs.

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