Kee Dome

Free-standing fall protection for roof lights


Kee Dome skylight and roof light protection

Skylights and roof lights can be lethal if not properly installed and suitably protected. Kee Dome is a simple but effective collective protection solution that makes roof lights highly visible and prevents access, protecting workers from tripping and falling through skylights without damaging or penetrating the roof itself.

Skylight and rooflight protection

Made from modular Kee fittings, Kee Dome is a freestanding solution that provides full protection with no need to pierce the roof membrane. Kee Dome makes skylights and roof lights highly visible and allows workers to avoid them, whilst preventing access to the lights themselves.

The modular design also means the Kee Dome system can be installed rapidly, and the durability of the galvanised fittings ensures total protection for years to come. Alternatively, the system can be assembled quickly then disassembled when no longer needed, making it an ideal temporary skylight protection solution.

The Dangers of Falling Through Skylights

Why Kee Dome?

Kee Dome is an ideal rooflight protection solution for many reasons. As it is a form of collective protection, no ongoing training or PPE is needed for full use. The Kee Dome also negates the need for rescue plans and procedures.

Kee Dome is unique in that it can be combined with other systems in the Kee range, such as the Kee Gate and KeeGuard, for a full, comprehensive solution.

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Why use Kee Dome?

Flexible sizing

Kee Dome is also available as the Kee Dome Mini, protecting roof lights of any size.

Rapid assembly

Modular construction ensures rapid and easy assembly.

Fully compliant

The Kee Dome has been expertly designed and thoroughly tested to meet all standards including EN 14122-3.

A few examples of how Kee Dome can be used

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