Collapsible Rooftop Guardrail

Powerful, effective collapsible guardrail solution for roofs


Foldshield Collapsible Rooftop Guardrail

Ideal for where aesthetics are a primary concern or where safety solutions must be invisible, Foldshield is a folding version of our KeeGuard guardrail. KeeGuard Foldshield is an incredibly safe collective fall protection solution that can easily be stowed away when not in use to protect the aesthetics of a building.

Designed for aesthetics, guaranteed safety

Foldshield, as with the standard KeeGuard rooftop rail solution, is quick and easy to install in almost any configuration, thanks to its modular, galvanised Kee fitting design.

The system is fully compliant to EN 13374 and 14122 to ensure worker safety and peace of mind.

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Fold away when not in use

When no longer needed, a simple locking pin is all that is needed to fold the system down and out of sight.

Foldshield works on any roof up to a slope of 10 degrees, and just like the non-collapsible alternative, does not require penetration into the roof surface. Foldshield can also be combined with other Kee safety products, including our KeeGate and skylight covers, for a comprehensive safety solution.

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Why Use KeeGuard collapsible guardrail?

Folding solution

Folds away when not in use, simple and safe to erect when needed.

Modular and easy

Kee fittings-based design means Foldshield can be used in almost any configuration.

Fully compliant

KeeGuard FoldShield complies to EN 13374 and 14122.

Examples of how KeeGuard Collapsible rooftop guardrail has been used

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