KeeGuard Premium

Freestanding guardrail for roofs with limited space


KeeGuard Premium Guardrail for Roofs With Limited Space

Restricted space on roofs is no reason to forego effective collective protection solutions. KeeGuard Premium freestanding guardrail has been designed to provide effective edge protection even in the tightest spots.

Roof railing for limited space

Compact guardrail

KeeGuard Premium has been designed with compact, space-saving bases which do not require an offset counterweight. This allows the system to be used even in the tightest spaces, or where trip hazards are a primary concern.

KeeGuard Premium combines the innovative and durable modular design of our freestanding KeeGuard edge protection with a unique, non-counter base design to ensure safety for all.

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Modular design

  • The bases are recycled PVC, offering a permanent but non-penetrative guardrail solution.
  • The modular design allows for adaptability and use in almost any roof configuration.
  • The durability of Kee modular galvanised fittings ensure decades of protection, even in the harshest environments.
  • Crucially, KeeGuard Premium is EN and HSE compliant, designed to meet and exceed global standards for safety, guaranteeing peace of mind.
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Roof railing for limited space

Why Use KeeGuard Premium guardrail?


Modular design and post-weight base ensure adaptability for almost any space.


Fittings are galvanised inside and out, negating oxidation and preventing rust, ensuring protection for decades.


Designed to meet and exceed global standards and tested to ensure safe use.

Examples of how KeeGuard Premium rooftop guardrail has been used

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